I cannot understand Daylight Savings Time.  Or Daylight Saving Time.  Or Daylights Saving Times.  Or whatever the Eff it is.  I know, I know “farming blah blah blah” – my ass.  The daylight now lasts for about 12 damn minutes.  I wake up and walk the dog and it is pitch black and it is 27 degrees – if you take into account the wind – it’s -546.  AND I LIVE IN FLORIDA.  I drive home from work and it is ALSO pitch black and it is 27 degrees.  FFS People!  This could not be more depressing (Ok, it may be more depressing because I go directly home to a microwavable dinner, beer and tivo in my incredibly messy hovel vs. a loving family in a bright, clean and refreshing home…but I digress).  The point is – farmers do not need this insane and, frankly, UNEXPLAINABLE, Daylight Extension…or…whatever it is.  I don’t even think farmers get up and milk the cows anymore…I think they have automated cow milkers.  Actually, I think they have automated EVERYTHING.  Yeah, roosters?  No more…DIGITAL ALARM CLOCKS.  Dogs to protect the hen-house?  Yeah – just freekin’ BETTER CONSTRUCTED HEN-HOUSES!  I mean, we have the internet now.  We do not need to get up at the crack of dawn to do anything anymore…we don’t even need to get up early to jog…we can just get up late and use the damn Wii Fit!  GIVE ME BACK MY FUCKING HOUR OF SLEEP, FARMERS!!!!