There are a few different types of people in the world:

Sports fanatics – who can name players and stats and averages and spreads and who follow their teams like it is their lifeline.  I am not that person.

Sports fakers – usually of the female variety – generally women who so DESPERATELY want to impress guys that they follow sports enthusiastically – but it is in no way genuine.  Not all women who love sports fit into this category, but there are many who do.

General fans – people who love their home team, but cannot tell you every player or the last time the pinch hitter hit 3 sacrifices in a row in order to win an away game in the rain on a Tuesday (I don’t even know if what I said there made sense)

I am a category that I think I may have to myself.  I love sportsmanship.  I love live sports events…of virtually any variety (as long as beer and peanuts are available – more on that later) for the pure thrill of watching people do what they are good at and watching fans get excited for them to do well.  I also love people-watching, but I think that’s a chick thing…I digress…I cheer for the home team, sure, but really, if the opposing team does a good job, I cheer for them too.  I hate when people boo.  I mean, I don’t care if he’s a 300 pound linebacker – WHAT IF HIS MOTHER IS WATCHING!!!!  He’s doing his best, damn it!!  Contrarily (did I just make that word up – if so, can someone go add it to UD please?), I will boo the hell out of anyone who exhibits poor sportsmanship.  Foul play will not be accepted.  I don’t mean a general foul as in basketball…I mean, like Red Card in soccer kind of foul.  I mean, like “dude, that was fucked up” kind of foul.  The point is…who the hell knows with all this rambling…I really like watching people get out there and bust their ass and do their best.  My favorite is when someone is knocked down and someone from the opposing team gives them a hand up…EXTRA POINTS AWARDED FOR SPORTSMANSHIP! 

Now – for my very very favorite part – the beer and peanuts.  Or, more accurately, the peanuts in the beer.  This cannot be accomplished anywhere except where shelled peanuts are served with draft beer (some restaurants serve this mixture – they are called 5-star dining establishments).  You take the peanuts from their protective enclosure, then drop them into said beer.  Let them soak, while enjoying more peanuts in the traditional fashion and also drinking the beer.  The beer becomes nicely salty and flavorful the more peanuts you add and the peanuts become a nice texture as they sit…NOT SOGGY, no sir, just less firm and more delicious.  I highly recommend this recipe.  It is enjoyed best while at an outdoor event and in sunshine.  It kind of sucks in the rain…then again…most stuff does.


This post is dedicated to my friends James Erb & Bob Graham who introduced me to both sporting events & the beer/peanut combo, my parents who gave me my weird sense of everyone needing to win and my Godmother…er…Fairy Godmother…whom I think I got my total lack of grace and ability from and therefore can participate in no sport of my own.