I know that my opinion isn’t the same as everybody’s…and obviously I’m in the minority here in Florida…but my opinion is the RIGHT one. 

I’m so irate about this state, and others, not allowing everyone the equal right to get married.  What the hell is that?  Ah yes, the Bible.  Where it states that a woman should only be allowed to marry a man and that man should only be allowed to marry AS MANY WOMEN AS HE WANTS.  Oh, but that’s been proven a little antiquated, right?  But God defiantly for SURE meant no gay people – but he didn’t mean the part about polygamy. 

As a straight, single woman who’s been through some heartbreak – it’s hard enough to find the right person – a person who you trust enough to give your heart to and to say “yep, you’re the person I want to spend the rest of my life with” and then pray it is in the 50% margin of error that WORKS…so if you can achieve that status, no matter who you are – freekin good for you!  Who CARES?!  Seriously, how on EARTH does this affect your life in any way shape or form?  Trust me when I tell you, gay ain’t going to rub off on you.  I’ve worked in the restaurant industry – I know.  For those of you who are ignorant enough to say being gay is a choice…let me just ask you this one question – when did YOU choose to be straight?  At what point did YOU look at a member of the SAME SEX and say “hot DAMN – i could totally hit that…but nah – I’ll swing the other way.”??? Cuz I know for me (sorry Mom and Dad – close your eyes) – it was all penis, all the time…no himmin’ & hawwin’ here.  And seriously, who do you think these crazy martyrs would BE?  “Gee, I could totally be straight or gay – I think I’ll pick the path where I’ll possibly be rejected by my family, alienated by my friends, judged  by the community, discriminated against at work, have trouble having a family and have NO EQUAL RIGHTS – that one sounds WAY easier!” WTF?! 

In this day and age where the role models for your kids are pop stars who drink underage and have unprotected sex that leads to pregnancy or post half-naked pictures on myspace accounts or where shows like “Gossip Girls” or “The New 90210” have kids in High School having random sex all OVER THE PLACE – criminy, even the BRATZ dolls for tweens are trashier than college chicks on Halloween – wouldn’t you rather have two people in a COMMITTED relationship getting MARRIED?!  This is your fear??  Two people in love who want to solidifiy their relationship in marriage?  Oh no!  The horror! 

Why, in this day and age, would anyone think that it is OK for any group of people to not have equal rights?  I understand if a church wants to stand up and say “no gay marriages preformed here” – I think that is the reason organized religion is failing and becoming outdated…but I understand it.  More power to them – churches are private institutions (ha – remember SEPEARATION OF CHURCH AND  STATE? Obviously not – see us and Amendment 2).  Marriage, however, is NOT just some “sacrament” associated with the Bible.  It is a license you apply for at the courthouse and a ceremony that can be preformed by a justice of the piece.  It is a ceremony that can be had by agnostics, atheists, Jews, Muslims, Christians…really…no religious affiliation required. 

If you want to throw the Bible and God into the mix…I know a lot of non-religious people who are married.  I know people who don’t even believe in God who are married.  I also know gay people who DO believe in God and who were raised going to church every Sunday and can quote you chapter and verse who aren’t allowed to marry.  Gay people who don’t take the Lord’s name in vain and who don’t curse – who can’t get married – who aren’t entitled…yet I know a husband who verbally and physically abuses his wife.  I know a husband who cheats.  I know a wife who does drugs.  I know a wife who cheats.  I know a lesbian who attends church every Sunday and volunteers at a soup kitchen – she can’t get married.  I know a husband who neglects his children and isn’t a part of their lives…they barely know their daddy.  But I guess God is all for the adulterers and the drug addicts and the name in vain users…right?  Cuz, you know, they put the pegs in the right slots and that’s apparently the important part.  Not the love, not the person you are, not the relationship you have – just the kind of intercourse you have.  Wow.  Pervy.

I’d rather have the rights removed from all than restricted from some. 

Check out what Keith Olbermann had to say about Prop 8 – brilliant: http://tinyurl.com/5j54tl