Do you think there is anyway I can capitalize on this whole government bailout thing?  I mean…I have a job and all…and I’m not anywhere near as bad off as many people – frankly, I’m not nearly as bad off as many people in my neighborhood…I just don’t like paying bills…and OH – think of the shoes I could buy.  I am a fairly eloquent writer…maybe I could throw something together (utilizing the genetic bullshitting skills from my mother’s side of the family – thank you, Grenier’s) and submit it to the government and get a chunk of that $800 billion.  I mean SERIOUSLY, I need, like, forty grand – they wouldn’t even MISS IT, PEOPLE!  Well, no, wait, I’d like my house paid off too, so let’s add another hundo on that – but that wouldn’t even MAKE A DENT!!!  I didn’t factor in shoes…but I’m not greedy, I could cover my habit for…hmmmm…let’s just say 10K – just to really cover some ground.  Still – nothing out of that $800 billion. 

Can’t they just take it out of that Wooden Arrow piece????!!!!