This post will be irrelevant to anyone who doesn’t really blog – that’s just fair warning…I’m just sayin’.

I have become a woman obsessed with my blog stats.  Seeing how many people click on my blog per day is FASCINATING.  I realize that most of these people are family and close friends yet I remain intrigued.  The stats page shows how many people clicked today and also where you clicked to from my page (if you clicked on a link in the “Presents!!!” page or if you clicked on Nat’s so I can see what else is gettin’ my biznez so to speak.  You can also see where they clicked FROM – so if someone found my page from Twitter or another persons blog link, it will show that.

I put up a link yesterday to something I totally ripped off of www.dooce.combecause it was a BEAUTIFUL necklace that I want and someone clicked on Dooce from here.  Now…this doesn’t mean much to my family who are not faithful bloggers – but to the one or two people who wander over here from Twitter…follow my logic here….what if the Dooce people (I don’t want to sound like a TOTAL TOOL and be like “heather or jon”) check THEIR stats and see that someone (ok…my one person…but whatever it could happen) clicked their site from here and they are like “hmmmm…what’s this frostinglicker thing all about” and they click my link and SEE ME?  I mean, even for a minute and even if they think I’m lame – that would totally be like John Lennon listening to your GARAGE BAND TAPE!