My love for Twitter knows no bounds.  The thing is…I can’t really explain what Twitter IS…I’m having trouble explaining it to those that haven’t heard of it before “well, it’s kind of like a social networking site, but less slutty than myspace and less annoying than facebook…and it’s kind of like blogging…but less time-consuming and you don’t have so much to think about…and it is kind of like texting…but…other people text you…but not really YOU…more just…random texts to the World Wide Web in general and if you think they are funny then those texts go to you.  Get it?”  ummmm…no.  “Ok – just trust me – IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.  ummmkay?!”  I wish everyone had been on Twitter during the election – again, unexplainable…ok…a “fairly” liberal bias (!)…but aside from that…there was instant and constant information.  Regular people, with regular jobs, doing more for getting information out than any news source.  It was amazing.

The thing is, if i just send people my twitter page – they can’t really see what Twitter is all about because…well…I’m only so entertaining and, let’s face it, Twitter is all about finding the Genius that is other tweeters.  So – now when people ask, I just send them the link to Favrd.