So – awhile ago, my Bestie, Natalie (some of you know her as @fourformom), posted on her blog a “Dating Game” where potential beaus for me could fill out a questionnaire and then from the MASS of men who responded, we would pick Mr. Perfect (or…Mr. will due for baby-making and maybe old-age rocking chair sitting).  Here’s the link if you’d like to look at it:

Without getting into TOO much detail, let’s just say I’m still single.  That is not actually the point of this post.  The point of this post is the sheer state of desperation in which my friends are in to find me a mate.  For example – question 2 was “are you a raging alcoholic” – my friend, Jen, gleefully exclaimed upon reading one response “Oh!  Oh! OH!  he’s not an alcoholic!!!  He’s perfect!”  Mind you, NONE of the other criteria fit – but he wasn’t an alcoholic…is THIS what it has come to, people?!  Breathing, penis and low blood alcohol content?!?!  THOSE ARE MY STANDARDS????!!!!!  Then again, in reflecting upon my dating history…it is possible that adding the ‘not raging alcoholic’ criteria has indeed upped my standards.