In which our heroine beings her battle with her arch-nemisis Will Power.

1. Figure out how to add contacts to Flickr

2. Figure out how to actually use Flickr

3. Actually take my camera out and take pictures

To be continued….(I will reach 100 by 12/31/08.  I will keep exactly none of them-as is my tradition.  Fuck W. Power and his evil ways.)

4. Figure out how to add Google Adsense to my blog so I can become a billionaire through blogging

5. Get a realistic grasp of both my blog stats and the revenue generation of Google Adsense

6. Watch all the episodes of Dexter

7. Clear out my favorites of all the old dead links and actually put stuff in folders

8.  Download all my 8-Tracks onto MP3…oh, I mean CD’s…but, same thing

9.  Figure out why the hell I’m getting “Rolling Stone” magazine, be sure I’m not getting billed for it and cancel it – thus doing my part to GO GREEN

10. Somehow, someway find a way to get my friends to stop sending me any type of chain/good luck/possible death and destruction if you do not forward e-mails

11. Paint my stupid, mother f-ing sunroom (which has been 1/2 painted for about 6 months now)

12. Get hardwood floors – PLEASE let me do this one!

*ok, 12 down, 88 to go

13.  Good call, Denny – Adding “woo the Moe’s guy”

14. Also, get myself knocked up

15. Become crafty at…something…and make millions off…to supplement the blog income

16. Stop with the damn typos already!!!!!  (current event resolution that I will have no idea why I posted it later, but will still apply because I’m a damn idiot)

17. Resolve to do SOMETHING with the “oh this is interesting/handy/a website I’d like to visit” notes and/or magazine pages I have strewn about my house

18. Figure out how this f-ing linksys wireless thing that I bought two weeks ago works so I’m not still using the ethernet in 2010…but…since I have internet access and am lazy, I’ll just cut/paste this onto next year’s resolution list right now

19. Actually send birthday and Christmas cards…and send them ON TIME (pffffftttt…*snort*…no I won’t!)

20. Stop taking my shoes off in the doorway and leaving them there like a 5 year old and actually put them in my closet where they belong

21.  Go back to reading books and stop watching so much tv – yes, Amy, you can wean yourself from the DV-R

22.  Get the dog out more…which probably means spending the $500 to get him “dog whisperered” so he can be in a park near other dogs without going all crazy-Cujo on their asses…but…whatever – prolly worth it in the long run

23.  Even better – just get my yard fenced so I can play with the dog in the yard

24.  Maybe not buy so many shoes?????

25.  Find out why Tom Cruise did not talk with a German accent in this Valkyrie movie…was that guy American?  Is Scientology against fake accents?  Has TC’s ego finally gone THAT out of control that he feels he doesn’t need to go into character to sell the part????  It’s killing me!

OK – Quarter of the way there!  2009 – here I come – well on my way to become a better person. .. Ok, maybe knowing the answer to 25 isn’t going to make me a better person, but it will free up my brain from obsessing about it and I can spend that time doing good for the world – OH-

26.  Do good for the world.


12/27/08 -well, let’s face reality, I’m not going to make it to 100 on this list…but we can mark that up to a failure of 2008 rather than a failure of 2009..right?

27.  Set lower goals.

28. Make less lists.

29.  Eat better (ha!  one less Twinkie every day and I’ll have accomplished this one!)

30.  Exercise more (I figure if I exercise even one day in 2009, this will knock this one out of the park)

31.  Take out kayak more

32. Be more responsible about sunscreen

33.  Take dog to beach more

34. Get dog ‘dog whisperered’ so he can possibly go to a dog park and become not so socially dysfunctional

35.  Surround myself with nicer people and less people I have to walk on eggshells around

36.  Do not be the person people have to walk on eggshells around

37.  Probably spend more time with my real friends than my imaginary ones from Twitter

38.  Maybe see a therapist about above…

39.  Did I put ween myself off Tivo on here already…if not…I need to

40.  Preferably do above so I can buy a Wii and spend all my extra time playing Rock Band!!!!!

41.  Get a life.

12/30/08 – seriously running out of time to hit 100 of thse

42.  figure out how to actually manuver this blog – especially now that I have a “real blog”…

43.  Stop liking guys who don’t want babies, who enjoy liquor more than sex and hangovers more than Saturday’s of functional activity

44.  Change blog name so family can’t read info like above

45. Probably get over the rejection of the last guy who was #43 *humph*

46.  Maybe buy less shoes

47.  maybe lie less about buying less shoes

48.  develop a cool hobby…you know, like macrame or something

49.  did I mention actually figuring out how a blog works? (PS – already ahead on this one, bought the domain name!  No idea what the hell to do next.  Lazy twitter:  what do I do next?  Oh…shit…wrong site.  I’m doing it wrong)

50.  Stop making big goals.  (I’ll start this one early and just end this stupid list now)