The thing is…I’m afraid it might be my fault the entire USPS industry is crashing. 

(oh…yeah…obvious comment about how long it’s been since I’ve updated my blog – whatever – screw you)

Here’s the deal…There is a famous quote, quite possibly from Anais Nin, that says “you will never know a woman until you have had a letter from her”…and I firmly believed that for my whole life.  I was a woman who wrote.  I sent cards.  Lots of cards.  Cards for no reason.  “Hey! How are you! This is a funny card!” cards.  I have since stopped sending cards.  I’ve stopped sending letters.  I (along with everyone else in the world) have stopped sending bills.  I mean…I still PAY them…I just do it on-line, you know, like you do.  Which was fine, because I was single-handedly sustaining the postal service with my cards and letters.  But then the tide shifted…I went through a heart-break and the card aisle got depressing…then I recovered, but I went through an economic crisis and I couldn’t AFFORD cards…and now…well, now my job sucks out my soul…I mean, my TIME, my TIME…and I just don’t have the time to even SEND cards.

So, though I have no less than 15 cards sitting on my coffee table to send…they are not filled out (ummm…happy birthday, sean-November…Thank You for my Christmas gifts!…happy birthday, Lara-January…this card was funny – totally thought of you/diana/natalie/lara/judy/mom).  The cards are sitting here and they were just nagging at me…then I heard that thousands of postal employees had gotten laid off and I realized – HOLY HELL – THIS IS MY FAULT!

I can only apologize for being lazy and insensitive (oh…also to all the people who I still haven’t sent birthday/Christmas/Thank you cards to).  The economic collapse is quite a burden to bear…I mean, shit, I still feel bad for slamming my brother’s head into the sliding glass door and that was when I was 12.  I’m not sure how I’m going to get over THIS.