Here it is…I have a pair of Crocs – well, technically, I have a pair of Holeys – but whatever, potato, patahto.

Anyone who knows me, knows that these types of shoes are a personal affront to my every shoe-fiber.  They are nothing like the shoe I love.  See some options here: (Oh – I’m a 7.5)  I love a stiletto.  I love a 4 INCH stiletto.  I love a patent, peep-toe, 4 INCH stiletto…but…the thing is…I love those stupid ugly-ass shoes.  I keep them by the door for when I walk the dog or clean the garage or wash the car (the pavement’s hot! You can’t do it barefoot!).  I wish they were more visually pleasing.  I wish my pretty shoes felt like my Holeys.  I wish I could have a pair in every color and actually get away with wearing them in public without getting stopped by the Fashion Police. 

When I wear those shoes it’s like my toes go scampering up my body right up to my face and just kiss me right on the lips.