I used to be that girl…the one who said “I don’t want to see you!  Get out of my house!” and then got mad when he left….then I had an adult relationship and realized men and women are different and guys pretty much do what they are told and don’t do that whole *totally insane* read-between-the-lines thing.  If you say you need space…they think YOU NEED SPACE.  Why on Earth, WOULDN’T THEY THINK THAT??? 

So, I’m out at a concert with my mom and we’re sitting next to a lovely couple – probably in their early 20’s.  The gentleman of the couple goes to purchase them beer.  This takes him about 40 minutes. No lie. This is a long time.  He finally returns to the seat with a beer for himself and his lady (sidebar: future boyfriend – I’d like you to call me “sweet thing” kthx).  Lady enjoys said beverage and when she finishes it, she turns and hands it to her man.  Who looks at her with a face of “ummm..what do you want me to do with this as we are in a large stadium in the middle of an enjoyable concert and I am no where near a garbage can” and she proceeds to huff and roll her eyes.  Boyfriend shrugs and says “what?” but she just gets angry and rips the bottle away and says “I was FINISHED.”  Now…my thoughts at this point were plenty.  One was -shit-I was bitchy like that when I was young, wasn’t I. Two was – that was still no excuse for the shithead that my boyfriend was.  Three was – did she really expect him to hold the bottle for the duration of the concert?  Did she think he should get up and go to a trash can?  That he had some kind of super-masculine ability to place it on the ground that she couldn’t muster?? 

The kicker was that when she grabbed it back – she ended up DRINKING MORE OF IT.  Awesome.  Then he finished his beer and he said “want me to grab that, baby” and she looked at him with a disgusted face and said “NO, not NOW.”  ???  God, I’m so thankful I’m not a lesbian – how do you guys/girls put UP with us???