You should know that The Beatles are my favorite band…however I love pretty much everything on the Top 40 charts.  Oh – and country music.  I think John Mayer may be my soulmate as he is very witty – though as a twist of irony – I believe Jennifer Aniston is my kindred spirit…and to make it an even more twisted tale – Angelina Jolie is totally my ‘Go Gay Girl’.  My favorite restaurant is the bowling alley closely followed by a dirty hole-in-the-wall Mexican joint.  I can cook 7 items.  I use the word “cook” very loosely.  Most importantly – I would rather spend one brief year with a dirty, scruffy, low-class, blue-collar guy who makes me laugh than the rest of my life with a clean-cut, handsome, wealthy, white-collar worker who doesn’t know how to make me smile.

Oh – and here’s my face:



8 thoughts on “*mac*”

  1. figgygirl said:

    Sorry to send this this way, but it’s very convenient.

    Happy Birthday Amy!!!
    xoxoxo… Mildrey

  2. TheIMP67 said:

    Cheap is my middle name. Actually I have two middle names, the other being LoJack, so that’s cheap LoJack as my middle name. It was a change of name as a career move. I think it’s working.

  3. Welcome to Moe’s!!! Suck it, you douche bags!

  4. Your blog is pretty damn funny! Happy New Year’s

  5. Great Amy! Your mom hasn’t even met me and already hates me! Thanks bia! In my defense I am really pushing for the adorable, hard-working manager at Moe’s! Speaking of which, Amy, you need to add him to your New Years resolutions 🙂 Ah, he is real cute…and doesn’t look like a ragging alcoholic so he has that going for him.

  6. You are funny, witty, beautiful, sensitive, caring, loving…everything a person could want. The best they can come up with is “He’s not a raging alcoholic”? Oh my!

  7. You are a freakin bungling nut.

  8. Amy – you are really freakin’ hysterical with this whole blogging thing. I got some great laughs (which I really needed) tonight. Keep em coming.
    Tootles, Mildrey

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